The Vintage Dungarees 📻

You know the expression? It was always better before! That's why our Vintage Dungarees range is so successful. With its originality and richness of choice, the colors come and go with the seasons.
If you are more 90's, the fir green vintage dungarees remind us of the golden age of the series "the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" in which Will Smith enthused us with his charisma through a dungaree he used to wear with only one strap attached (why not?).
For lovers of the 2000s or "millennials", the western vintage dungarees fit perfectly with the streetwear fashion in vogue these days. Fans of manga and Japanese culture also find their account, with kawaii overalls for example!

A fear of history! 🎥

After the war, most women returned to their family life if they could. Other women had no choice but to continue working on the family farm. They also had no choice but to continue wearing overalls. The 20's dungarees were made of dark blue denim with wide-cut legs that folded over the boots, a square bib in the front and two shoulder straps that crossed in the back like an X or met over the shoulders with a triangular bib in the back. The latter style prevented the straps from falling off the shoulders, a common problem for women with sloping shoulders.
The idea of women wearing overalls for fashion instead of doing "men's work" did not appear until the late 1930s. The first group of women to wear them were not yet women, but little girls. Boys had been wearing denim dungarees, just like their fathers, for a few decades already. Moms of the past anticipated the cold and put their daughters in durable overalls to play outside. Eventually, the clothing market took over and made dungarees designed for little girls. Not to be confused with the boys' blue denim overalls, the girls' overalls were made of dark blue cotton with pockets on the front instead of the sides.
Now you know where to turn to get some old-fashioned, yet trendy dungarees!