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One thing is certain! You will easily find the overalls of your dreams here! From the first Men's Dungarees 🔨 to the trendy Women's Dungarees 💃, you're sure to find a special place for them in your wardrobe.


Timeless, traditional and charismatic define the characteristics of the encounter between a pair of bib and brace.

Whether in the professional world, on the catwalks of the greatest fashion shows, in the 7 arts or even through a series such as "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" with Will Smith, the overalls are a garment with a mythical character that inevitably finds takers among fans of timeless collection pieces.


How did you feel the first time you wore overalls? What does the word dungarees mean to you? The outfit your grandparents wear in the fields or the last photo posted by Kim Kardashian with her Women's Denim Dungarees 👖, whatever you think you will find your ideal for a day fishing, a walk, an outing at the market or with friends, sip cocktails on the most popular rooftops of the moment with the Dungaree Dress collection in vogue! 👗

The comfort of its material is what made dungarees the revelation in 1844. This plastron mended on trousers decorated with a small pocket, called a ruler pocket because it allowed the carpenter to store a tape measure, this work suit has been revised by the various trades, adapting the number of its storage spaces according to the of their needs. Renewed but still with its authenticity, this pocket proudly displaying the bib, has been renamed the central pocket, as a kangaroos. To complete its frame, it is attached by suspenders with hooks allowing to surround the pants and the bib to the morphology of each one.

Over the years and its weaving, it acquires a robust and versatile reputation that finds its place in all kinds of wardrobes. these original denim dungarees gives way to linen, cotton or even velvet for fabrics that adapt to the seasons. The Men's Dungaree Shorts ☀️, just like the Women's Dungaree Shorts ✨ for example, finds a special place, in summer, in the hearts of adventurers passionate about road trips with friends. While the velvet brings a warmer touch for moments by the fireplace in winter. ❄️

Adapting to the seasonal rhythm, the shade of the Blue Dungarees 💙 has become acclimated from a Snow White ☁️ color when the first flakes come to another more springy Khaki. The dungarees are constantly being renewed to keep that avant-garde air that characterizes them so well. Thus, different cuts have emerged to bring a new touch to a dungarees that ceases to surprise us. The overalls, whether trendy, Vintage 📻,, beige or Black ♠️ ️, keep this mysterious side making them so unique!

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First of all, the birth of the dungarees comes from a subtle blend of usefulness and comfort. In his mind, Louis Lafont invented the overalls to allow craftsmen to take with them everything necessary for their interventions. This is what made his fame in the professional world before experiencing a whole other success with appearances in the artistic world, the best known is of course Coluche who proudly wore overalls, symbol of working-class France, during each of its representations. This cape he wore to even cross the French borders by finding his glory with many other American stars, and even more recently by crossing the path of Japanese urban culture 🎎 very popular for its streetwear trends that everyone tears off! She is indefinable, it is this peculiarity that has carried her through the generations with always the same enthusiasm around her. Its original design aimed at being of service has become a real hit!

Comfort, originality and durability are the values ​​that we strive to transmit to all generations by offering the largest range of overalls at the best price in order to perpetuate the traditions of the Men's Denim Dungarees👖 or the vintage dungarees. Woman going through more vitamin colors like the Yellow Dungarees 🍋, Pink Dungarees 🌸 or Red Dungarees and many others!

Today, its success still continues especially in the evenings of galas where we love its customizable style by highlighting its detached bib dungarees or by attaching it only with one strap that allows you to play on the trends of a simple gesture. Its timeless fame dedicates this coveted glamor side to it!