Blue Overalls

Blue Dungarees 💙

The blue dungarees know many trendy and hipster-looking variants! Timeless, the dungarees will soon celebrate their 70 years of great success and brings with it their share of history and evolution through the ages. In blue cotton, it is more in keeping with the theme of work at home or outdoors 🌳 . The Denim Dungarees sometimes gets a vintage Blue Jean that takes us back to the glorious 90s. At that time, Will Smith proudly wore his Odya light blue dungarees at the waist and already evoked his love for this so particular and protesting garment. Whether you're working around the house or going bowling with your colleagues, the blue dungarees are back!

The Jean overalls, a whole history! 👖

The blue jean overalls first appeared in India in the 17th century, where the fabric used to make sturdy and cheap workwear was called "Dungri", the Hindi name of the Indian village that produced this durable fabric. By default, when the British bought the fabric to make work trousers, they took the name "Dungri" and added a British touch by naming the fabric "dungaree".
In 1853, the bib and trousers were combined to form the first denim dungarees. These were designed by Levi Strauss and his business partner Jacob Davis. This new form of clothing was ideal for heavy-duty work and, thanks to the bib, allowed tools to be carried and eliminated the need for belts. They became so popular throughout America that they quickly became the standard garment for the working man. They were even color-coded according to the wearer's occupation: hickory stripes for railroad workers, white for painters, and various shades of blue for the rest of the working class. The denim overalls were born, and they will continue to be successful until today! 💙

Psychologie of Blue 🎽

Blue dungarees carry the message of goodwill and confidence, they are heavily worn and have been a fashion classic since the 90s. You can be sure that you will never regret buying dungarees in this color, it is the essential element of a diverse and timeless wardrobe!