The Denim Dungarees 👖

It's not only Will Smith who dares to wear dungarees but Alexa Chung and her denim overalls have also been stolen by her own dungarees, Alessandra Ambrosio has tried her hand at denim bibs dungarees, a great success raised by the American press! Timeless and forever in the spirit of a trendy and quirky garment, it evolves every year to bring even more comfort and style. But the real advantage of denim overalls is their versatility.
Dashing in summer ☀️  denim dungarees suggest a sharp taste for fashion and a certain desire for emancipation. In Winter ❄️ , the warm side of cotton and denim keeps the heat in, the bib is a perfect ally against staining squeegees!

Personalize your Women's Denim Dungarees! ✂️

For a faster update of your overalls, add patches! Cut out different square shapes from old denim trousers or jackets that you no longer wear. Take a piece of fabric chalk and trace the sections you want to cover. Sew the patches onto your dungarees, using a needle and thread.
You can find the needle and thread in the fabric shop or in your local one euro shop! You can create a trendy look by mixing light and dark denim patches throughout your design.

But also with paint! Add paint to enhance your overalls by using a sponge to dip in paint and pressing it onto the denim fabric. You can also use a paintbrush to make light strokes on certain areas. you have to be very careful to create a clean pattern that doesn't look like a craft project.

Try to use white or blue paint that matches the woven fibres of the jeans. For a different painting technique, you can paint a design on one of your back pockets! Be sure to use acrylic paint, as this type of paint works best on the denim fabric.
Easily add destroyed areas to your denim overalls by cutting small holes and plucking the blue threads. The blue threads will be vertical and the white threads horizontal. To create the look more quickly, simply pinch the threads with tweezers.

You can also destroy the pockets of your jeans by running a razor back and forth along the fabric at the bottom of the pocket seam (no specific area). If you want to make the fabric softer, just run sandpaper back and forth along the area you want to transform.

Your Dungarees are finally ready, personalised, they look even better! 🌸