The Work Dungarees 🔨

The Work Dungaree has metamorphosed and adapted itself to the self-employed! For plumbing, gardening or even repainting the downstairs bedroom, its ingenuity makes this garment a Swiss Army knife of clothing, opt for classy and smart overalls. With tactical pockets on the front and sides, the bib of the plumber's dungarees is distinguished by its elegance and high quality of manufacture.

A Workwear above all! 📐

Ingenious and well thought out, the overalls for work at home, are, at the base, clothing historically made for factory workers and or heavy labor. At first, Levi Strauss launched: -He foresaw that in the future, bib and brace dungarees would become a fashion statement in their own right! Primarily made of tough, durable denim, they were perfect for the workers of the day. With tactical pockets easily accessible and the pants always perfectly held, a modern day plumber would fit perfectly into one of our cute dungarees!

Until it becomes a Classic! 🔧

Known for its reliability, durability, and great functionality, it would seem that work dungarees never get old! Woven from durable polyester and 65%+ cotton mesh, the seams are meticulous and perfectly maintained. Who doesn't remember Rachel's famous denim dungaree shorts when she was painting the baby's room, which made such a trendy garment out of a simple bib fastener. The Work Dungarees have been modernized, the seams have been refined to make room for multi-stained dungarees, both urban and homey! 👖

If, however, you're more of a fishing style 🎣 , the Fisherman's Dungarees are a true gem of creativity and functionality. Featuring a button pocket, you'll be able to easily store your hooks and bait.