Men's Dungarees 🔔

What's the sense of taste or style if you don't know the pleasure of wearing overalls? Since 1951, La Salopette has been offering quality bibs, suspenders, and denim! Fluid, vaporous or stylish, men's dungarees have established themselves as a model of choice for men's clothing. Its vintage and offbeat style make this garment a perfect ally to highlight your taste for fashion! Coluche's famous dungarees were a protest garment, that of the workers' revolt that he proudly wore during his sketches or even during his television appearances. But more lightly, American stars appropriated it, so as to make it a must in the field of streetwear and fashion in general.

         The Work Dungarees 🔨

Overalls that protect workers from hazards such as flame or fire are often needed on construction sites or at home. These overalls are made of strong, fire-resistant fabrics and also protect the wearer if a hot liquid is spilled on them. While safety is paramount, workers on these sites also use a number of different tools; they carry tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, spanners, etc., and are often required to carry them on their own. Overalls have pockets designed to allow workers to carry all the small tools they need. In addition, they also have separate pockets for other equipment that workers commonly use, such as goggles and pens. If you're a plumber or electrician, the Work Dungarees fit perfectly with your chivalrous ambition to help your fellow man. No more clogged pipes! You have all the pockets you need to work efficiently and methodically.

      Men's Denim Dungarees 👖

The Men's Denim Dungarees are unique. Classic in its time and even more so today, it will never cease to amaze us. Wide bib or bib attached, with or without hand fastening, the choice is wide, the Denim Dungarees are coming back strong, you must take advantage of it! But how is our BlueJean made? The denim pieces are sewn together by skilled workers using complex machines and various stitches, depending on where the stitches are placed. Nowadays, jeans are usually hand washed to give them a more worn look. Sand, stones, or even gun bullets are used to achieve the desired look! Jeans are washed several times to reduce the color and prevent the indigo dye from bleeding. A cold wash will do the trick perfectly.

      Dungaree Shorts ☀️

When the weather is nice during a barbecue, it is of course important to keep up to date. So the Men's Dungaree Shorts is out! After a few skewers, sitting down, and chatting, you'll realize that you're not dirty. What a shame, your bib hasn't been used. So you've got to go back to it! Haaaa... Afternoons with friends in short dungarees are a great joy to share.