Yellow Dungarees

Yellow Dungarees

The Yellow Dungarees ☀️

Get your positivity and good vibes on with the yellow dungarees that glow with light! 🔥 Its unique style is sure to brighten up afternoons of practical work or relaxing at the park! Different shades and materials round out our yellow overalls line to give you the best of the best in 2020! Bestseller recognized by our most loyal customers, the canary denim dungarees wins by far all the success awards

The Different Materials 🔬

Our yellow dungarees come in several categories:
Cotton Yellow Dungarees: Lightweight and hand-sewn, organic cotton is a non-negligible asset to the garment. The dungarees benefit from great flexibility and an unequaled softness. The recycling of organic cotton overalls respects strict environmental standards.
Yellow denim dungarees: We no longer present the yellow denim dungarees, rare and unique in its kind, it shines in the community and is easy to match. With a light t-shirt, a grey bag, and Stan Smiths, the yellow denim overalls are THE garment to own. The real denim is soft and durable. 🍋
Yellow Polyester Dungarees: The yellow polyester overalls are finely woven and provide all the comfort you'd hope for, the properties of elastane and polyester are amazing. The combination of the two micro-fibers offers a quick-drying, without deformation and without fraying. Practical for a summer stroll!

The Psychology of Yellow 💛

The color yellow loves challenges, especially mental ones. It helps us make decisions when we are focusing, for example: when studying and during exams.

People who are going through major changes in their lives, at that time, have difficulty tolerating yellow. They have difficulty coping with all the changes that bring stress. With a combination of green and soft orange, they are all in balance.

The positive characteristics of yellow are optimism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, fun, humor, confidence, originality, creativity, wisdom, logic.