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My Dungarees Size Guide

The easiest and quickest way to know the size of your bib and brace dungarees is to refer to your trouser size (jeans, shorts, dress, jogging trousers, ...).The brace that completes the trousers will adapt to your silhouette, the adjustable straps will allow you to keep a comfort in all your daily movements. It is therefore important to know your measurements. If you would like to have a perfectly fitting pair of overalls, we have prepared a size and measurement chart.

1 - Size Guide for Men's Dungarees

Mens Size Guide

2 - Size Guide for Women's Dungarees

Womens Size Guide

3 - How do you measure?

The essential measurements you need to get a perfect fit are as follows:


To measure your chest, you need to use a tape measure. Stand up straight and pass the tape around your chest at the strongest point (under the armpits and above the shoulder blades around the back) after breathing out normally.


Measure around your natural waistline, i.e. halfway between the last rib bone and the hip bone, keeping the tape measure horizontal. For a relaxed look and freedom of movement, add a few inches or take the precise measurement for a skinny fit.


To measure your hips correctly, the tape measure should be placed around your pelvis at its strongest point. This location can vary, depending on your body type. In general, the hip circumference is the horizontal circumference of the body measured at the strongest point below the waist.


The crotch is the length from the top of the inner thigh to the bottom of the feet. Stand up, take a tape measure and calculate the length of your crotch. You can also use your favourite jeans and calculate the length directly on them.

Dungarees are usually worn over other clothes, so it can be difficult to find the right size. Follow our fitting tips to get the perfect size for your overalls! Here are 5 tips to help you make the right choice.

Take These Measurements

Tip 1

Dungarees are overalls, which means they are designed to be worn over other clothing. If you find yourself between sizes, take the next size up.

Tip 2

When measuring your chest size, try to keep the tape measure as level as possible.

Tip 3

If your waist and hip circumference are about the same, add about 5 cm for comfort.

The waist circumference is the most important, especially for women.

Tip 4 

If your waist size is larger than your chest size, choose your overalls according to your waist size.

Tip 5

Add a few inches to your waist size to allow room for another layer of clothing under your overalls.

Making Dungarees

4 - Dungarees Over Time

This charismatic and authentic garment has evolved enormously since its creation in 1854 by A. Lafond in the Lyon region, so it is a French garment. Designed for the comfort of workers, these overalls were designed to have a loose, relaxed fit that was synonymous with comfort. Since then, fashion has changed the vision of dungarees, and they have been able to adapt with more modern models, making the models of these dungarees evolve towards skinny, slim, and even extra-large cuts to play on the different trends. The dungarees, apart from their popularity which has lasted over the years and forged their reputation, are no more and no less than bib trousers, used by workers to wipe their hands while working, as children do on their bibs too.

With all its evolutions, especially in terms of cuts, one can hesitate on the size to choose to wear proudly this garment full of history. In this article, we explain everything you need to know to choose the right overalls for you.

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