How to Wear Men's Dungarees?

How to Wear Men's Dungarees -

How to Wear Men's Dungarees?

Most of us men can throw on a jumper, a pair of jogging pants and a backpack and we're ready for some great adventures. For Star Trek star Chris Pine, this outfit translates into dungarees, which are as practical as jogging pants and have a large central pocket that is perfect for keys or a phone. Chris Pine has been spotted on several occasions wearing this body-covering garment. In a more recent outing, he praised the timeless garment's multiple storage compartments. But Pine's pragmatic approach illustrates a men's fashion conundrum: dungarees may appear on the catwalk and be available in workwear brands, but should they really be worn in a casual, non-utilitarian style?

Dungarees first appeared in the 18th century as a unique piece of clothing for working men. The first models did not have a bib, but rather looked like denim trousers with buttoned straps. Because of their durability and practicality, the trend caught on and in 1873 Levi Strauss began mass producing them. In 1911, Harry David Lee introduced the first bib overalls as we know them today. Sold under the name "Union-Alls", they attached the trouser section to a bib shirt with braces. Today, however, especially with its multiple pockets and cuffed sleeves, it is actually closer to an outfit. So, considering first its decades-long history as workwear, its decades-long use as leisurewear, and the recent resurgence on the catwalk, how do you go about wearing overalls?

1 - The Classic Dungarees

It is important to know how to bypass the past connotation of this blue workwear. More recently, it was the 90s - the last time anyone wore this garment beyond its ironic factor. Tupac Shakur, in particular, gave their pragmatic design a rugged feel. Will Smith, then on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, made them look like a playful garment, especially when worn with a strap off and a colourful, oversized shirt underneath? Kris Kross, emulating another trend rooted in hip-hop, flips them over, wearing the back crossed right in front, like an oddly constructed pair of trousers. For decades, overalls were synonymous with the working man, working in a factory, growing crops on a farm or building railways across the American landscape. Because of this history, in some social circles, the garment is still associated with the working man. To help you, there are no fashion faux pas when it comes to wearing overalls, but simply match them with the rest of your outfit to give it an authentic character.

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2 - Which Fabric to Choose?

The focus should be on a historical aspect. The classic nature of dungarees, as an all-denim garment, often with pockets on the front, expresses a clear sense that you are there to get things done, without the need for bells and whistles. So if you're considering wearing overalls, going back to basics is really the best approach. Think of it as Americana, but without all the nostalgic, melancholy context. Be practical instead: simple denim, in a solid shade, ideally a blue shade. By this we mean a slightly loose fit, rather than a slim one, and consider a pocket or two, just for practicality. There are many fabrics that proudly dress up the overalls, for example linen overalls are very light and comfortable, recycled cotton overalls are environmentally friendly, velvet and its noble side is a perfect match for the overalls, so many choices that adapt perfectly to the seasons and trends.

3 - What to Wear With Dungarees?

So, once you're in shape and you've chosen your clothes well, you need to think about everything else, especially what you wear underneath. You have a number of options, you can take on the hard working side of the overalls with a plain or checked shirt and high top shoes, or to pay homage to 90's TV shows, a woollen neckline jumper or a coloured jumper, can be a perfect variation for autumn, it could also be worn with a loose floral shirt like a businessman and finally t-shirts, the great classic. As dungarees are a garment of character, you need to keep everything else discreet and neutral, which is why t-shirts are a great match for dungarees. So think about a plain white t-shirt with a pattern. You should also think about layering clothes like a hoodie or a bomber. For a workwear inspired look, try it with a solid coloured shirt or quilted bomber.

Dungarees are a timeless, exceptional piece of clothing that just begs to be worn.

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